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Steve’s Auto Repair & Tire is an authorized Goodyear and Continental tire dealer. We carry many tire brands including Michelin, BFGoodrich, Uniroyal, Hankook and Cooper. We can also order several more tire brands, including Firestone, Maxxis, Toyo, Yokohama, Kumho and Nexen. Make sure to give us a call for tire pricing information, so we can get you an accurate quote for your car, truck, or SUV.

Goodyear Tire Dealer - Woodbridge VA
Continental Tire Dealer - Woodbridge VA
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Kumho - Woodbridge VAMaxxis - Woodbridge VA
Michelin - Woodbridge VANexen - Woodbridge VA
Nitto - Woodbridge VAPirelli - Woodbridge VA
Sumitomo - Woodbridge VAToyo - Woodbridge VA
Uniroyal - Woodbridge VAYokohama - Woodbridge VA
Hankook Tire Dealer - Woodbridge VA

We’re a full service tire shop, so we can handle all of your automotive tire needs. Whether it’s mounting or balancing tires, or checking your low tire light, we are here to help. We can also take care of your wheel alignment, to extend the life of your tires for as long as possible.

In the market for some new tires? If you’re looking to replace your tires, there are some important things to consider, and Steve’s Auto Repair & Tire has all of the information you need.

For example, do you have a preference on the brand of tire? Some of our customers don’t have a brand preference, but some do – and we definitely want to accommodate that as much as possible. We carry several of the well-known tire lines, like Michelin and Hankook, and we’re also authorized Goodyear and Continental tire dealers.

Michelin Tires - Woodbridge VA Aside from brand name, there are other things to consider when selecting tires, like the vehicle’s appropriate tire size and speed rating. Our technicians and staff will be able to look at your vehicle and determine the tire size and speed rating, to ensure you’ve got the correct tires. From there we can make recommendations for you, about the best tires for you. We’re always going to want our customers to use the highest quality and safest products, but we do carry a wide range of tires at different price points, working their way up from entry-level tires that will get the job done, to more premium tires.

Regardless of what your needs are, at Steve’s Auto Repair & Tire we’re going to be able to find tires that are the right fit for you. Our technicians and service advisors will be able to ask important questions about your preferences, your vehicle, and your driving habits, and with their level expertise, they can make excellent suggestions for your new tires. We want you to have the most information possible, and we promise to always give you the best products possible.

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