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Chevy Service and Chevy Repair Woodbridge VAIs your Chevy vehicle in need of some repair or maintenance? It doesn’t matter if you have a Chevy car like the Sonic or Impala, a Chevy Tahoe, or a Chevy truck like the ColJust like you when you run, your engine gets hot when it’s running. All of the moving parts in a vehicle can generate some serious heat, and this can lead to damage to the engine. Did you know that cooling system failure is actually one of the most common failures with vehicles? That’s why it’s so important to have a cooling system that’s working properly.

Let’s talk a bit more about what parts and processes are involved with your vehicle’s cooling system.

The radiator is probably the most well-known part of the system, so we’ll start there. Hoses on the radiator filled with coolant, more commonly known as anti-freeze, connect the engine and the radiator together and that coolant draws heat away from the engine, into the radiator. The radiator has what’s called ‘cooling fins’ that area passes through into the radiator, cooling down the now heated anti-freeze. This is a back and forth process that happens regularly in your vehicle.

While the radiator, hoses and engine are all important parts that actually keep your car running, the most crucial part of the system is actually the coolant. You need to make sure that there’s a good mixture of water and antifreeze in the system. Why a mixture? This mixture will prevent the fluid from boiling or freezing both of which can cause damage to the engine. But not all cars require the same type of antifreeze. The different kinds of engines all require a different mixture.

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You can determine what type of antifreeze you need by talking with one of our technicians, or by looking at the owner’s manual. It’s important that you go to a quality shop like Steve’s Auto Repair & Tire, because if you use the wrong type of coolant for your engine it can void any warranties you have, and also cause engine damage.

During our coolant flush service, our technicians will start by looking at the condition of your coolant. Over time, antifreeze can actually become corrosive and damage your radiator which is what leads to your engine overheating problems. If you’re not stopping by for a preventive maintenance coolant flush, and your engine is already overheating, then our technicians will check the system for leaks and cracks in the radiator or radiator hoses and the water pump. By making sure that you get regular coolant flushes, you’ll keep your engine working properly, and prevent costly repairs on your engine and coolant system.

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