Windshield Washer Fluid.

Windshield washer fluid: Blue does not equal good

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Just because your windshield washer fluid is blue does not mean that it is good. You should use a windshield washer fluid tester to make sure the temperature protection level is good to negative 40 degrees.

It’s important to make sure it has adequate protection so during cold weather, the washer fluid doesn’t freeze in washer fluid reservoir, washer pump. This will prevent any fluid from coming out of the washer nozzles when you try to use it to clear ice off your windshield.

It can also cause the plastic to break. 

The way vehicles are designed nowadays, the windshield washer reservoir in buried behind bumpers and fenders, and replacement can be difficult and costly.

Windshield washer fluid reservoir.

Washer fluid reservoir

Having the right windshield washer fluid protection

A lot of places use windshield washer fluid concentrate and one or two pumps can turn a gallon of water blue, but that doesn’t mean it’s providing the correct amount of protection.

During the winter months, there are many choices of fluid.

Washer fluid is normally blue, but can be other colors depending on the manufacturer.

“I particularly like RainX Winter Fluid, because it does help clear the windshield and it puts a light RainX coating for when it rains,” Steve’s Auto Repair & Tire Owner ST Billingsley.

As long as you have washer fluid that is at the correct protection level, blue will do you just fine. 

Windshield Washer Fluid Warning Light.

Washer Fluid Warning Light

If you’re not sure if you need more washer fluid, go to your local, independent auto repair shop and have them check it for you.

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