Technician working on a Ford F250.

Why is my vehicle swaying from side to side?

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Is your vehicle swaying from side to side?

It could be a sign that a part needs to be replaced.

This was the case with a 2004 Ford F250 that was dropped off. Our customer, who bought the truck recently, felt like it was wandering. He compared it to the swaying of a boat.

There were no braking problems or steering wheel issues. The driver also didn’t feel any vibrations.

Brian checked out the truck and determined that it needed a new drag link. This part connects the steering gear box and tie rod ends and is usually found on larger vehicles, such as trucks and vans.

New drag link.

After the drag link was installed, we performed a wheel alignment.

We recommend having wheel alignments – also known as “tire alignments” – performed once a year, or when you get new tires or steering suspension components.

Others vehicle swaying causes

A bad drag link isn’t the only possible reason why a vehicle is swaying. 

Loose suspension parts, such as ball joints and tie rods, may also cause it to feel unstable.

Tire wear can also impact steering.

In order to pass the Virginia Safety Inspection, the minimum tread depth of a tire is 2/32 of an inch. Manufacturers may recommend replacing the tires between 3/32 of an inch to 5/32 of an inch.

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