Chevy Cruze AC system.

Why is my car AC not working?

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Warmer weather is on its way, and before we know it we will have the A/C system on full blast.

During this transition – where it isn’t too hot or too cold – we recommend confirming that your car’s air conditioning system is working.

If you notice that it isn’t blowing cold air or no air is coming through the vents, have the problem checked out by an auto repair shop.

Air conditioning condenser.

Air conditioning condenser

Common a/c issues

There are numerous causes behind car AC problems. Among them are several common ones.

You may have a malfunctioning expansion valve or a blocked condenser that needs to be changed. A/c repair might require changing out other bad parts, like the compressor, drier, blower motor, or cabin air filter.

Something could also be wrong with the Electronic Climate Control System, which can be found on newer cars.

The a/c system having low freon is a possibility, as well. This might be a sign of an air conditioning leak. 

As silly as it may sound, user error is another potential reason why you’re having a problem. This article we wrote provides more details about these issues.

Complicated air conditioning problems

Chevy Colorado AC repair.

A/C diagnostics on Chevy Colorado

The reason why a car AC won’t run the way it should can be the result of a deeper problem, such as a bad wire.

A Chevy Colorado we worked on had an intermittent issue. Sometimes the a/c and heat would work, but then it would randomly stop blowing air. Various parts were replaced, including the blower motor, but the problem persisted. We couldn’t pinpoint the cause and eventually it stopped working altogether.

Through diagnostic testing, the technician found that we had bad ground to the blower motor and needed to replace the ground wire.

Other wiring problems are possible, too. You have a control head and signal wires that go to the mode door and temperature door. There’s a separate set of wires that go to the blower motor and resistors for the blower motor.

Problems with the mode and temperature controls could also occur. These can be a bit more complicated and time consuming, because you need to get into the dashboard. They also require technicians with a higher skill level who can perform circuit testing. Sometimes, a scan tool needs to be connected.

Getting your car AC working again

Having an air conditioning problem can be frustrating, especially as the temperatures rise. However, it can take time to determine where the issue lies, especially if it’s a more complicated problem. 

You may need to replace different parts and make a couple of visits to the autoshop before the issue is resolved completely. It might even require leaving your car at the shop for a couple of days so they can delve into the problem further.

Providing as much information as possible – what’s happening (or not happening), when it occurs, issues that seem related, and other repairs that have been performed – can help speed up the process. 

Before long, you should be back on the road, comfortably enjoying all that the spring and summer months have to offer you.

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