Drum Brakes.

When to replace drum brakes

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With the stop-and-go traffic found across Northern Virginia, it’s especially important to make sure your brakes are taken care of.

A 2002 Ford Explorer Sport had its drum brake shoes replaced recently.

Drum brakes are one of two types of brakes a car will have, with disc brakes being the other one. The parts of each brake type and how they work differ.

For drum brakes, two shoes push out and pull the drum up.

Disc brakes are found on the front and rear of most vehicles, but some have both.

Replacing drum brakes

Brakes should be a minimum of 2/32 of an inch to pass the Virginia state inspection.

We recommend drivers begin replacing their brakes when they hit 3/32 of an inch or 4/32 of an inch, depending on the vehicle. Some manufacturers may suggest they get changed sooner.

Because the brake shoes press against the drum, you may hear a squealing or grinding sound when they’re getting low.

The parking brake not holding as well might also be an indicator.

Sometimes, an adjustment can fix the parking brake. But if it needs to be adjusted too much, it may be time to replace the brake shoes.

Pulsation could mean that brake repair is needed. However, that sign is normally associated with the drum being out of round.

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