Wheel alignment.

When to get wheel alignments

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There are many tasks that we need to do regularly: go to the grocery store, exercise, do laundry …

And while we may not enjoy all of these activities, we realize that they’re important.

The same goes for wheel alignments.

Also called “tire alignments”, wheel alignments prevent premature wear in your car’s tires.

How often to have wheel alignments performed

A car alignment should be performed once a year, or whenever you purchase new tires or steering suspension parts.

It can be thrown off by potholes, curbs and suspension wear.

You may notice some symptoms when you need one, such as a crooked steering wheel, uneven tire wear, or the car pulling to one side. Sometimes, a bad tire can cause a vehicle to pull and be mistaken for needing a wheel alignment.

Wheel Alignment Specifications.

Wheel Alignment Specifications

Conducting a tire alignment

There are two different types of alignments — a four-wheel alignment is required for most vehicles, and a two-wheel alignment is used on most pickup trucks.

When doing an alignment, our technicians check the tires and take the car for a test drive. Then, the vehicle is placed on a rack and clamps are secured to the tires.

We check different specifications, including caster, camber and toe. Caster refers to how wheels are angled forward or backward, and camber is how they go in or out. Toe is the term used to explain how far to the left or right the wheels are from the car’s center.

If the car uses driver assist, an Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS) system reset may be needed after the alignment is complete.

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