Rust on old shock.

What happens if I don’t replace my shocks and struts?

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So you go to an auto technician, and they tell you that your shocks or struts are going bad. But what does that really mean? Why is it so crucial to fix them?

Because a lot of people don’t hear about shocks and struts often, they usually mistake them as an added component that is not crucial to their car functioning – but that’s incorrect. They are vital to keeping you on the road.

Before understanding why you need to replace your shocks or struts, it’s important to understand what they are and what they do in your car.

Shocks are pieces in the vehicle that work with springs to keep the tires in contact with the road. The shocks help to make your ride smooth and keep your tires from bouncing significantly when you’re driving on the road.

Struts are a combination piece, with a shock and a coil spring attached together. These are also part of the suspension in you vehicle that help keep it stable, moving safely and minimize bouncing when driving over bumps and uneven road.

You can read about why shocks and struts are needed in this article.

The importance of replacing shocks and struts

Now that you know what shocks and struts are, let’s talk about why they are crucial to replace. Shocks and struts wear out over time, and because of that, you’ll begin to see some impairment with your vehicle. Your drive may be bumpier, your tires may bounce, and you could hear squeaking and even see fluid leaking from your vehicle.

When you see these warning signs – it’s time to act. Having one of our certified technicians at Steve’s Auto Repair & Tire assess your vehicle when these issues begins happening will save you in the long run. Let’s talk about why.

When you have bad shocks and struts, they can’t maintain the stability in your car as well, which means you have tires that are bouncing up and down. Over time that will eat away at your tires and cause odd wear patterns and even smooth patches where the rubber has rubbed away, instead of normal standard wear patterns you would see on tires with functioning shocks and struts. The damage to your tires makes the care unsafe to drive, and you may very well end up having to pay to replace tires because of this issue.

Your brakes are impacted by bad shocks and struts too. When they’re worn out and you try to hit the brakes, your tires can actually go up into the air. While it’s only a couple of inches at the most, when your tires are not on the ground, it can be extremely dangerous. This is especially true when you’re on curves or making a turn, as your tires need to be firmly on the ground in order to make those moves in your vehicle safely. And when you’re trying to brake, you can actually lose 100 feet in braking space because of the impaired grip.

Additionally, because of that bouncing from the shocks and struts failing will also put a lot of strain on your car’s suspension system. By not doing it’s job – absorbing the shock – not having them replaced can lead to damage in the ball joints, wheel hubs, and many other components of the suspension. Without something to absorb the shock and energy of hitting a bump, it spreads throughout your car and will lead to damage. The repairs can be costly for suspension work – so by not replacing your shocks and struts at Steve’s Auto Repair & Tire, you will end up with not only a potentially unsafe vehicle, but potentially one that doesn’t drive at all.

The most important risk you need to know about when it comes to replacing your shocks and struts is safety related. You and the ones you love are often in your vehicle. When you are driving with failing shocks and struts, the handling, control and safety of your vehicle are seriously impaired. Continuing to drive with worn out shocks and struts could lead to you getting into an accident that hurts you and your vehicle – and potentially some else’s car.

We acknowledge that sometimes shocks and struts can be expensive, but they are a crucial piece of your vehicle. By working with the certified technicians at Steve’s Auto Repair & Tire, we will ensure that your vehicle is safe to use and help you get back out on the road.

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