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So normally when you’re new and you want to fit in you always try to help your fellow co-workers with just about anything, that’s exactly what happened to our new assistant manager, Patrick, on his second day working at Steve’s. I bet if he would have known what would have happened he would have never volunteered.

Ray our general service guy was outside de-rusting the doors to the shed where we keep the tires so I guess Patrick being a good new assistant manager decided to assist Ray. He stood on 2 buckets of paints where he fell in and got completely covered from waste down in paint. We all felt bad for the guy so one of the owner let him go home to get cleaned up, while our general service manager stayed and helped scrub off the paint on his shoes. But there was only so much he was able to clean off. So until today almost 2 weeks later those boots are just sitting out there being air dried. Poor guy maybe he should have let Ray do it on his own. Now his two day old new boots are forever ruined.

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