Exhaust System.

Virginia Safety Inspection: Checking the exhaust system

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Emissions from a car’s engine need a place to go. The exhaust system helps with the process.

The system runs from a manifold on the engine through a catalytic converter and a muffler to reduce the engine noise and push exhaust to the back of the vehicle. It is one component that’s inspected during the Virginia Safety Inspection.

Our technicians also check the exhaust during oil changes. While working on a vehicle, they are able to take pictures and write notes through digital inspections. An inspection report is then sent to customers, who can view them via email or text.

Exhaust system problems inspectors look for

Virginia safety inspectors make sure that a vehicle’s exhaust system is running properly.

Broken exhaust hangers and missing catalytic converters are a couple of items they look for.

Emission parts — such as catalytic converters — are necessary, in order to pass the Virginia Safety Inspection. They decrease air pollution by changing the exhaust emission a car produces.

Inspectors also ensure that bolts on the intake manifold aren’t broken, which can result in exhaust leaks.

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