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Is my transmission bad?

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In today’s vehicles, it may be difficult to determine if you’re having an engine running problem or a transmission problem.

Since the vehicles have a lot of computer control in them, an engine running problem can mask itself as a transmission problem, and vice versa. 

One way to tell if you’re having a misfire problem over a transmission shaking problem is to look at the check engine light. If it’s flashing, then it is most likely a misfire. If the light is steady and you’re still having that issue, then it could be a transmission problem.


Some other symptoms of a transmission problem will be delayed engagement when you’re stopped and then you press the gas pedal. This can mean that there’s a clutch problem, a solenoid problem, or even low fluid.

Another direct indication is the drive indicator on the dashboard may start to flash. 

If you have to press the gas pedal much further than normal to get moving, this could be a transmission problem, but you should have an auto repair shop take a look. Catalytic converters can get clogged up and give you the same symptom.

Also, very dark and burnt smelling fluid along with shifting issues can be a sign that the transmission is having problems.

One of the things you can do to help make the transmission last is to have a transmission fluid exchange performed about every 30,000 miles. This will not only put new fluid through the whole transmission, it can help get the clutch material and contaminants out of it.

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