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Tires and passing Virginia Safety Inspection

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State inspections are an annual requirement that help keep drivers safe.

Why would my tires not pass Virginia Safety Inspection?

tire state inspection fail tread wear indicators

A tire that is flushed with indicators will fail state safety inspection.

There are many reasons why a vehicle’s tires may fail.

Inspectors must follow certain guidelines that are set forth by the state.

When it comes to tires, they will evaluate the tread depth and wearing patterns.

tire state inspection fail secondary rubber steel belts

When secondary rubber and steel chords are showing on a tire, it will not pass state safety inspection.

A tire won’t pass if secondary rubber or inner steel chords are showing.

Foreign objects, such as nails or screws, in the tires is another indicator.

 Other signs are if the tread is flushed with indicators or if the tread is under 2/32 inches in three locations.

tire state inspection fail nail screw in tread

Foreign object damage, such as nails and screws in tire, will fail state inspection

Vehicles that have bent or damaged wheels and rims will fail Virginia Safety Inspection. 

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tire state inspection fail large sidewall cracking

Rubber cracking on an older tire. A large crack will fail state safety inspection.