Tire rotations

Tire rotations prolong life of tires

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Good, reliable tires can be pricey.

Tire rotations are one way you can prolong their treadlife.

We perform them as part of our oil change process. We recommend oil changes, which help prevent engine damage, every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

The suspension in the front of a vehicle, where the engine is located, is designed differently from the back, which has less weight.

If we leave the tires on the front or the back for too long, they will adapt to that particular weight and cause feathering on the edge of the tires.

Types of tire rotations we offer

Normally, our technicians switch the front tires with those on the back. For certain vehicles — like Jeep Wranglers, which have a full-size spare on the back — we perform five-tire rotations, where the tires are rotated clockwise.

This will prevent drivers from having a full-size spare that’s bigger than the tires as they wear down.

Cross tire rotations are provided upon request.

We do not move front tires that are at 4/32 of an inch or less to the back. Doing so increases the probability of hydroplaning.

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