Chrysler Town and Country tire wearing on edges.

Tire rotations prolong life of tires

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Good, reliable tires can be pricey.

Tire rotations allow drivers to get the most out of them.

This service may have been recommended to you when bringing your vehicle in for needed maintenance, or while you were in the process of buying new tires.

Our automotive technicians perform tire rotations as part of our oil change process. We suggest oil changes, which help prevent engine damage, every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

Why you should get tire rotations

Tire being installed on vehicle.Regular tire rotations keep tires from wearing unevenly.

The suspension in the front of a vehicle, where the engine is located, is designed differently from the back, which has less weight.

If we leave the tires on the front or the back for too long, they will adapt to that particular weight and cause feathering on the edge of the tires. This leads to tire noise.

While rotating tires, we have a chance to check the lug nuts, make sure there aren’t any brake problems, and look for other issues behind the tires.

Types of tire rotations we offer

The kind of tire rotation needed can vary among vehicles. Normally, our technicians switch the front tires with those on the back. 

Tire tread at 4/32 of an inch.

Tire tread at 4/32 of an inch

For certain cars — like Jeep Wranglers, which have a full-size spare on the back — we perform five-tire rotations. 

In this case, the tires are rotated clockwise. A five-tire rotation will prevent drivers from having a full-size spare that’s bigger than the rest of the tires as they wear down.

Cross tire rotations are provided upon request.

We follow Tire Industry Association (TIA) guidelines, and the safety of customers and passengers is a priority.

Our technicians do not move front tires that are at 4/32 of an inch or less to the back. Doing so increases the vehicle’s chance of hydroplaning.

This reasoning also applies to new tires. New tires are mounted on the back, which is the lightest part of the vehicle.

Other tire services

Tire rotation is just one of the ways we can prolong the treadlife. We also recommend regular car alignments and balancing tires.

Wheel alignments prevent tires from wearing too much. During this service, different specifications – including caster, camber, and toe – are checked and adjusted.

A crooked steering wheel, the vehicle pulling to one side, and excessive inner or outer tire wear are symptoms of a bad tire alignment.

Uneven tire wear can also be prevented through tire balancing. This maintenance improves safety by ensuring that the tire’s contact with the road remains the same when a driver is steering or stepping on the brake. 

Weights are added to the inside and outside of the tire, as needed.

When the tires are imbalanced, a vibration may be felt from the seat or steering wheel.

Taking care of your tires

Tire maintenance gets you the most value for your tires by helping them to live up to their expected lifespan.

This allows you to avoid expenses in the future.

If an auto repair shop recommends a service – tire-related or not – that you aren’t familiar with, ask questions. 

They should be able to explain to you why the work is suggested and any long-term benefits.

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