The Perils of Pinewood

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Guest Post
Margo Schlossberg, Marketing Director
Pinewood Derby kit.
Had I heard of the Boy Scout’s Pinewood Derby? Sure, somewhere maybe the brother of a friend growing up or the son of a friend as an adult. Did I know what the Pinewood Derby was? Nope, no clue, something about making cars out of wood?

About two weeks ago two boxes were delivered to Steve’s Auto Repair, the shop where I work as the marketing director. Well, given may be an improper use of the word since I immediately took one of the boxes, determined to make a car. I mean, how hard could it be?

Apparently, there was a lot more to this Pinewood Derby than I had initially thought. For example, weight and tools were involved. Two things that have always spelled trouble for me. I found a template and thought okay, I will tape the template to the block of wood and just saw it. Easy! Well, after making one very distinct saw mark which was more like a scrape then an actual cut into the wood, it was clear that I was not going to cut the entire car, or in fact, any part of the car. I realized that I was going to have to enlist a bit of assistance.

It is now Wednesday and the cars are due by Friday and will be raced on a surprisingly sophisticated track on Saturday. Did someone say laser? There is also some type of weight limit which I am learning about. So, stay tuned for guest post #2 where we will see if my car is a success or a complete debacle. I hope at least I will win some style points…

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