Take what you dish!

In Girl in a Mechanics World by Steves Auto Repair and Tire

So normally when I notice that guys aren’t paying attention I give them a wet willy. As nasty as that sounds I’ll admit I find so much joy seeing their face squirm with disgust. It’s my entertainment of the day. So when I walk by the guys normally tilt their heads to their shoulders so I can’t get them. But, I’m smarter than that, I do it when they least expect it. I guess the prankness (I know it isn’t a word) has rubbed off on me. Or when I see them walk into the bathroom I knock and knock on the door until I see the knob move and run away. I guess you can say I’m like that annoying little sister.

But to be completely honest I cannot take what I dish out. In the words of Ray (Tech) because today when I was cleaning the bathroom I was all in my zone when Ray comes by and was like “ Hey” I turned around and I get this huge horn filled with air blown right in my ear. This thing looked like a ghost buster gun that blew me into the wall. My ear was ringing for about 30 minutes it felt like it was bleeding. I was so mad. But, what got me more mad was because I had gotten got!