Tables are TURNED

In Girl in a Mechanics World by Steves Auto Repair and Tire

So this week I thought it would be fun if I had Scott (BIG BOSS) answer some BG questions about Brake Fluid Flush. He’s such a team player so of course he said yes! The plan was I would give him 8 questions and he would give me 8 questions to answer but I have yet to receive mine. It took me about a day to get some questions for him to answer. But eventually I was able to get them. Unlike me, he answered the questions within 10 minutes but just to annoy him I circled two questions that I thought he could have been answered with more details. So I gave him back the questions, his face was priceless he couldn’t believe that I was asking for more and to explain. This time I didn’t get the questions back for an hour. Over all I think I learned about brake fluid flush just by look up questions and reading answers. By this rate I’ll be taking Scott’s job. JUST KIDDING!!!


Brake Fluid Flush