Installing a new rack and pinion.

Symptoms of a bad rack and pinion

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Do you have a stiff steering wheel?

It could mean there’s a problem with your rack and pinion. This component is connected to the steering knuckles, which turn the steering wheel left or right.

We installed a new one on a Honda Odyssey last month. Our technician determined that it needed to be replaced when he noticed it was leaking. This is a good reason why you should have the rack and pinion inspected.

New and old rack and pinion.

New and old rack and pinion

Rack and pinion replacement

To replace this part, the technician needed to remove a bracket for the engine mount.

This rack and pinion was relatively simple to install. For vehicles that have switches and multiple sensors, the process can be more complicated.

A stiffer steering wheel is one sign of a bad rack and pinion. This problem can be caused by leaking steering fluid that’s getting bound up, or the system being low on fluid.

You can help protect the this component through regular power steering fluid exchanges.

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