Girl in a Mechanics World: From dental field to car industry

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Going from a dental field with just girls to automotive that is dominated by men would intimidate any girl. I knew nothing about car maintenance other than cars need to get regular oil change. And that to me was still a big problem because my last car completely died on me because I was always late and not keeping up with it. But luckily I wasn’t alone. I had my brother in law to teach me the ropes. But even that wasn’t enough to calm my nerves. I didn’t know how to tell my new managers that I had a doctor’s appointment coming with my 6 month old. Thankfully they were okay with me missing my fourth day of work.

At the same time I didn’t want the guys to think that I was receiving special treatment for the fact that my brother in law was manager and because I had a kid. Apparently that wasn’t even an issue they quickly took me in as one of the guys. Sometimes I don’t even know if that’s a good thing. Even showed me a couple of thing that really helped like doing my own oil change, checking tire pressure balancing tires, etc. But for now I think I’ll let them deal with car services while I stay inside the office and do paper work.

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