Steering wheel.

Why a steering wheel feels loose

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While you’re driving, your steering wheel – at some point – may feel loose.

This circumstance could hint at a few different problems.

Possible reasons why a steering wheel feels loose

One possibility is that various steering and suspension parts are going bad. These include the tie rod ends and ball joints.

The pitman arms could also be damaged.

Other parts that might need to be checked – and potentially replaced – are the control arms, coil springs, drag link, and strut rod bushings.

A loose steering wheel may be a sign of a bad wheel alignment.

To read about other symptoms that an alignment is needed and when they should be performed by checking out this article we published.

Does your steering wheel feel loose after an alignment? What about after new tires have been installed? It shouldn’t.

If your steering wheel feels loose after these services have been performed, there is a mechanical error or they weren’t completed correctly. 

You should contact a repair shop as soon as possible to have the problem checked out.

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