New starter.

Installing a new starter on a Honda Pilot

In Diagnostics by Steves Auto Repair and Tire

Is your car refusing to turn over?

It could mean that you need a new starter. Other signs include a clicking sound when you try start a vehicle and a slight grinding sound.

Bolted into the transmission housing, the part has a gear that turns the flywheel. The flywheel is responsible for turning the engine over.

A new starter was installed in a 2005 Honda Pilot.

Replacing the starter

First, the battery was tested. When the technician found that the battery was good, he checked the starter and found it wasn’t working properly.

To get to this component, the technician needed to remove the battery, the tray the battery sits on, and the wires connected to the starter.

A jump box was used to bench test the new and older starters. Through this process, he was able to compare their power.

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