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In Girl in a Mechanics World by Steves Auto Repair and Tire

Shop field trip to Olive Garden was super fun. Well anytime we all get to hang out outside of the shop is always fun. The reason why we got to go out for lunch was because we did so well in the months before. But going out to eat with these guys is even worse than going out to eat with my daughter Layla (11 months). The guys do their normal crow sounds and even the bosses got into it. Every time the waiter came around they would crow. And of course I was taking picture of everything. And it’s so funny how they all know it’s for my blog.

Thankfully I got to sit next to at least one normal person Margo (she does our marketing). She might be normal but I no longer trust her. She told me these stuff mushrooms were good and when I tasted them umm let’s say I had to hold back from gagging. Once our food got to the table it was complete silence. But that didn’t last long. We had our desert and had some more small talk. On our way back Eran and Ray (mechanics) where in the car in front but on the side of us. I opened my window to ask for a bread stick so they throw it and I caught it. Than Gabe tried to get in the action so I throw the bread stick to him but missed. Let me remind you we where In traffic the car around us probably thought we had issues. But sadly it was back to business when we got back to Steve’s.

staff social