Snow Day at Steve’s Auto and Tire

In Girl in a Mechanics World by Steves Auto Repair and Tire

Yeah Yeah Yeah! Finally we got some snow in the area! Woke up excited like a little kid! Here’s how our snow day went. The guys I work with are great. They offered to come and pick me up to ensure I made it to work, fortunately my husband had to go in an hour later than normal and was able to bring me, but to know that the guys at the shop were willing to pick me up gives me comfort in knowing how essential my presence is at my job.

I arrive a few minutes early to see Scott, one of the owners, out there clearing the walkways with the snowblower so our customers can get in to get repairs done safely. We wait…We wait…and we wait some more, it’s very quiet here in the early morning and very white outside! S.T. the CEO shows up with his FJ cruiser with plow attached (he is very proud of finding the right plow to attach!) and starts plowing the parking lots so we can give our customers a clear path to park their cars. We had most of our employees come in, awaiting the abundance of drivers who had accidentally slid into a curb, or had a flat tire, or more importantly discovered that they actually could no longer put off buying new tires! First call of the day came in around 10:00 am..a cancellation for a state inspection…that’s ok, we want our customers safe, the inspection can wait till the roads are cleared and VDOT has a chance to do their job. We already had 2 night drop offs from the evening before and would know have the opportunity to get those vehicles fixed.

The guys were in pretty good behavior considering we were slow. No snow ball fights, or ice skating on the frozen pond in the parking lot! Scott brought us a lunch from Smokey Bones, the nearby barbeque, and boy was it good! I was stuffed and about ready for a “food coma nap”. We rescheduled a few appointments for the next day, and actually closed the shop early in anticipation of the final round of snow that would come later that evening. (and we already had 12 inches!) It was a slow but somewhat productive day!