Brakes and rotors

Signs that you need new brakes and rotors

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In Northern Virginia — where there’s a lot of stop and go traffic — car brakes and rotors tend to wear out more quickly than other parts of the country.

The lifespan of brakes vary and is based on different factors, including your driving style, where you live, and the vehicle model.

A steering wheel that shakes or shimmies, and squealing or grinding sounds are all signs that your vehicle may need new brakes.

You might also notice the steering wheel shaking if its time to replace the rotors.

There are two types of brakes — drum brakes and disc brakes. Both are made up of an array of components.

Brake pads, rotors and callipers are some of the parts that make up disc brakes. 

The wheels of a vehicle are connected to the brake rotors through the wheel hub. Callipers hold the pads that clamp against the rotor, stopping the wheel.

You should always replace brake pads and rotors at the same time. This ensures that they last a long time and work properly.

Steve’s Auto Repair & Tire services brakes and rotors.

Drum brakes have two shoes that push outward and pull the drum up.

Most cars today have disc brakes in the front and rear. Some cars have disc and drum brakes.

Brake technology is available for some vehicles. 

Almost all BMWs, for example, have brake wear indicators that let you know when your brakes are getting low.

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