Mouse nest.

Signs that mice are living in your car

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Chilly months are ahead, which increases the likelihood of mice living in your car.

To mice and other animals, including squirrels and frogs, vehicles are warm and offer protection.

It only takes one cold night to draw them in.

Certain smells attract them, as well. Some parts – like fuel lines – that are produced with a soy-based substance can draw rodents in.

Normally, mice keep themselves hidden by burrowing deep in the engine. They build nests and will chew wires and insulation. 

Indicator of mice living in your car

Usually, drivers won’t find out that a mouse has been living in their car until something stops working and a mechanic or auto repair shop that’s working on it sees broken wires.

You may also notice insulation or what appears to be ground up newspaper around your vehicle, which indicates that they are moving it from another place.

Mouse droppings and damage to upholstery – which can be used to make nests – are other symptoms.

If you turn on the blower motor and it sounds unbalanced or loud – like something is flopping around – it’s a good sign that there’s a mouse nest.

Mice love to build nests in the air box. That’s a common area we see them when we’re performing oil changes or checking the cabin air filter.

How to keep mice at bay

You can deter mice by cleaning your car regularly and using mouse traps in your garage.

If you are having a big problem with mice living in your car, try putting dryer sheets in the engine compartment – mice hate the smell. But make sure to tuck the dryer sheets away so they don’t catch on fire.

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