In Girl in a Mechanics World by Steves Auto Repair and Tire

So, as I’ve been taking service sales training using the NAPA online training center my confidence level has definitely improved. I’m nowhere near our two designated service managers but, at least I’m trying.

Normally when I go get the mileage off of a vehicle, I’ll check when the vehicle’s next oil change is due. I’ll casually remind the customer that their oil change is due and will be unsure if I should add it on to the ticket. Sometimes, one of the technicians will tell me that the customer is due for a safety inspection so I’ll bring that up since the customer is already in the shop and might as well take care of the inspection.

I’ve been able to order and sell tires when needed and check for tire alignment as well. There’s always an intimidating feeling trying to discuss issues with a customer’s vehicle and not knowing their reaction. But, my self development course taught me it’s always about the approach. The main thing is honesty and sincerity are always the best approach. It is always about giving the customer options on their recommendations. And I’ve learned you shouldn’t get offended if the customer doesn’t want to get something done because maybe it is just not a good time for them. So, hopefully by practicing I’ll get to where our senior sales managers are. Practice makes perfect.