Transmission installation on Ram 2500.

Transmission fluid exchanges can help your transmission last

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It’s important for car owners to know what their vehicle needs and to go to a reputable mechanic or repair shop. 

If they don’t, there could be consequences down the road. 

One of our technicians installed a new transmission on a 2016 RAM 2500 SLT.

A few weeks ago, the customer came in after the check engine light turned on. They had also noticed the truck revved high when they were shifting into fifth and sixth gear.

Initially, we tried to address this problem by performing a transmission fluid exchange. Unfortunately, due to a lack of maintenance, the transmission was too far gone.

To get to the transmission, the technician removed many components, including the front drive shaft, rear drive shaft, transfer case, and parts of the exhaust system.

What does a transmission do?

The transmission is a component that transfers the engine’s power to the wheels. Without it, a vehicle isn’t able to run correctly.

What are signs that a transmission is going bad?

Difficulty switching gears is one sign that a transmission is going bad. Drivers may notice a grinding or crunching noise, as well.

What happens during a transmission fluid exchange?

The contaminants in the transmission fluid tend to stick to the sides. So, we start a transmission fluid exchange by injecting a cleaner that suspends the contaminants in the fluid.

Doing this enables us to get the broken down fluid out.

Our technicians replace old transmission fluid with new fluid using a BG Transmission Fluid Exchange Machine. 

Once the exchange is complete, we add in a conditioner that increases the effectiveness of the transmission fluid and extends its lifespan.

BG makes a variety of products, including BG Quick Clean, conditioners, as well as fluid for manual transmissions and different types of automatic transmissions. 

Here is a video about the transmission flush process:

When should you have a transmission fluid exchange done?

We suggest having a transmission fluid flush performed every 30,000 miles.

How often you should do this service is also based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. Some encourage brake fluid exchanges more frequently.

There are also a couple of signs indicating that the fluid needs to be changed. These include a burnt smell and fluid appearing darker.

Why should you have a transmission fluid exchange performed?

Transmissions experience a lot of stress as you travel through traffic, causing operating temperatures to arise. That coupled with oxidation leads the transmission fluid to break down.

The transmission is one of the most expensive parts of a vehicle. Transmission fluid exchanges clean the transmission, helping it last.

In the case of the 2016 RAM, regular transmission fluid exchanges were not done.

Taking the time to learn about and keep up with the services your vehicle needs is worth it. This maintenance can prevent components from going bad prematurely and help you avoid expensive repairs.

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