Ready for New Years!

In Girl in a Mechanics World by Steves Auto Repair and Tire

Walking in on a Monday is already hard enough but seeing the schedule Friday night thinking it was going to be pretty constant made walking in a little easier. But as soon as I sat on my chair and looked at our schedule I saw we were going to be nothing close to consistent. We had customers back to back which is pretty good since it makes time go by fast. I’m assuming that everyone wanted to get their cars in tip top shape for the upcoming year. But there was no time to sit and watch the time go by. We had to keep it moving from phones ringing off the hook, to getting VIN numbers, building tickets, checking in and out, etc. the only down fall is that we were so busy it was hard to take a lunch break, but we always go each other’s back even if that means calling someone over from HomeTowne.

By 1 o’clock we were done for the day no longer taking costumers in and scheduling them for Tuesday. It was the fastest 8 hour shift I’ve worked. But customers aren’t the only ones getting ready for the New Year so, is everyone here at the shop from passing a test that just seemed impossible to pass to upgraded the side office, doing some deep cleaning in the waiting area, to making sure everyone is on point when it comes to courtesy check list. There is always time for improvement and how better to start off the New Year. But that also means I lost my girl time with Margo because she moved over to the next shop. Thankfully, it is in walking distance. So many changes but our bond is always the same.