Pumpkin Carving

In Girl in a Mechanics World by Steves Auto Repair and Tire

Last week Thursday I brought in a huge pumpkin to keep here at the shop, since Halloween is right around the corner it would be nice to get in the spirit. Scott (owner) thought it was good idea but didn’t want to carve it just because he didn’t want it to attract bugs. But me n the guys thought other wise. Fred (general service) helped me carry this Big Ol’ pumpkin into the bay were Eran (mechanic) had his air drill and we all took turns or should I say the guys did. Either way I would rather them do it them myself because knowing me I would cut a finger off due to the fact that still is super fast and super sharp. I personally need all my fingers plus I just got a manicure. It was the fast way I ever saw someone carve a pumpkin.The most I did was sketch the drawling I wanted and cleaned the inside. It was the perfect way for all of us to end the day and do something fun as a team. We even put Scott’s flash light that blinks super fast just to give it that extra creepy look!