Technician conducting a power steering fluid exchange.

Power steering fluid exchanges get rid of contaminants

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Looking to steer clear of future problems with your vehicle?

Regular power steering fluid exchanges is one way to do it.

This service was performed on a Lexus RX350 recently.

When to get a power steering fluid exchange

We recommend power steering fluid exchanges every 30,000 miles. It also depends on the type of vehicle. Certain cars require this service more often.

Other services, such as brake fluid exchanges and fuel induction services, are also recommended at 30,000 mile intervals. So, it’s a good idea to have them done around the same time.

Because power steering fluid exchanges help protect the rack and pinion, you may want to have this service performed if you have any service done on these parts.

Why you should consider this service

In addition to cleaning out contaminants, they help keep the rack and pinion lubricated and ensures that the steering remains smooth.

If you put them off or the fluid is low, you will eventually hear a whining sound. It may become difficult to steer your car, as well.

Significant pressure and high temperatures are placed on power steering systems. Over time, this can impact the fluid’s ability to keep parts lubricated and causes metal to accumulate. 

The contaminated fluid leads to seal and valve damage as well as premature wear among components, such as the power steering pump and rack and pinion.

Performing a power steering fluid exchange.

What happens during a power steering fluid exchange and products available

During a power steering fluid exchange, we pour a cleaner in the reservoir and it runs through the system, suspending the impurities. The old power steering fluid and contaminants are removed using a push and pull method, and new fluid is added.

There are a few products BG makes for this service.

BG Quick Clean, the cleaner our technicians use, gets rid of deposits that collect.

Power steering systems are protected against heat and wear with BG Power Clean, which contains antioxidants and seal conditioners.

BG Universal Synthetic Power Steering Fluid is able to provide even better protection during high and low temperatures. When it’s hot, the fluid doesn’t become thin. In the cold, it won’t thicken.

For vehicles that have hydraulic or electric power steering, there’s BG Full Synthetic Electric Power Steering Fluid.

Signs that the power steering fluid needs to be changed

The technician determined that the Lexus RX350 needed a power steering fluid exchange when he noticed the fluid was dark while inspecting the vehicle. The power steering fluid becomes dark when contaminants build up and oxidation occurs.

It may be time to change out the fluid if steering becomes more difficult or the power steering pump sounds louder.

Components will eventually fail, as well.

Power steering fluid exchanges are one maintenance option Steve’s Auto Repair & Tire offers. We also conduct brake fluid exchanges, transmission fluid exchanges and induction services.

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