Girl in a Mechanic World: What a pothole can do to your car

In Girl in a Mechanics World by Steves Auto Repair and Tire

So after all these huge amounts of rain over the last 4 days, the roads are going to be so full of potholes it’s going to be like an obstacle course around here!

When you just get over the freeze from winter, and now with all of the rain and warming up, there is bound to be some major road damage! I actually counted over 44 potholes between my house and here at Steve’s Auto and Tire.

Although I kept trying to dodge them they were just everywhere! It was like a minefield out there! You can only imagine what kind of damage a pothole can do to your vehicle.

When you hit a pothole, it can actually cause your tire to bust, or create an “impact bubble” which is where it causes a burst of air to push through the sidewall of the tire creating a lump in the sidewall.

Unfortunately, this kind of damage is not repairable; you have to get a new tire. In addition to that, you could end up with a bent or cracked rim too, and you might have knocked your car out of alignment, so you have to get that checked too, you know, while you are in buying a brand new tire!

If the alignment goes undetected by you, it can cause your tires to wear out super-fast, not to mention you will be driving with a crooked steering wheel in some cases.

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