Positive Thinking

In Girl in a Mechanics World by Steves Auto Repair and Tire

So, for the past couple of weeks I have been car shopping, not new car shopping but a decent used one that won’t break down on me a month from now. But the hardest thing is finding something I like and the guys at Steve‘s Auto to approve of. I think I had looked just about everywhere when I came across this funky dealership on craigslist. They actually have one across the street from Steve’s. When I brought the car over I already knew off the bat Gabe(brother-in-law/manager)was ready to make a list of things. Once the price got to $1800 it just wasn’t worth it, especially when the salesman wouldn’t budge on the price or wasn’t willing to do the work for me. So that was that I didn’t go any further with the sale. Gabe (brother-in-law/manager) with his positive thinking told me to keep looking. So I did I went to Honda they had the small SUV I was looking for Hyundai SantaFe I fell in love. Yes it has some minor problems but at least the dealership is willing to fix and work on the price. I’m so excited that Layla (my daughter) and I hopefully will not be driving around in that beat up ford Taurus we have now.