In Girl in a Mechanics World by Steves Auto Repair and Tire

Monday when I walked in I don’t know why I asked the manager, Scott, about a coolant flush (big mistake) but of course he told me to YouTube coolant flush so I did but all I got from the video was green liquid bubbling. Of course that wasn’t good enough for him so come Tuesday afternoon I had a 10 question test about cooling systems. He must have told the mechanics not to help because not one would help. Scott’s famous quote, “Google is your friend,” I felt like I was in high school again, but I know why he does it.

So, I Googled and I thought I was finished but nope not at all he wanted full blown details. It’s only taken me 2 days to finish it but I did it. So if a customer asks me the basics of a coolant system and why they should get it done I can tell them with confidence “flushing your coolant system prevents your vehicle from over heating in the summer and freezing in the winter also prevents long term damage and keeps rust, scale and build up from building. You should also get it done every 36 thousand miles or ever 3 years which ever one comes first. Only Scott would turn a question into a week long test!