Nissan Frontier oil change.

Nissan Frontier oil change and maintenance

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If you’re looking for a local auto repair shop to take care of your Nissan Frontier or if you’re lucky enough to have one of the older Nissan pickups, there are many ways that you can keep your vehicle running for a long time.

These are a few services we recommend to help maintain it.

Nissan Frontier oil change

Obviously, when you’re looking to perform a Nissan Frontier oil change you want to change the oil filter with a good quality oil filter. 

Steve’s Auto Repair uses synthetic oil in all of our oil changes. Using the correct weight of oil is very important.

We do carry BG products such as MOA, CF5, and 44K. Two of them are fuel additives, and they actually help keep the injectors, top of the Pistons, and the intake valves clean. 

A lot of carbon can build up in today’s vehicles, especially those using cheap gas and traveling in stop and go traffic.

BG MOA is an oil additive you may use with regular oil and synthetic oil. It helps keep things lubed up and addresses lifter noise that you might get with older vehicles.

During an oil change, we rotate the tires, check your brakes, check your cabin air filters, and basically do a mini state inspection.

Dirty Nissan cabin air filter.

Changing the cabin air filter

A lot of times, the cabin air filters get really dirty with leaves and pollen. 

It’s a good idea to have them replaced at least once a year. How often you change a cabin air filter depends on a few factors, like the type of vehicle and how much you drive.

I prefer to replace mine after pollen season. 

When changing it, our technicians can also spray BG Frigi Fresh in the air intake system. This disinfectant kills bacteria, mold and viruses.

Nissan maintenance.

You should make sure to clean any leaves and pine needles that collect on the cowling area, as well. Debris in the cowling area, which is the bottom of the windshield, may clog the cabin air filter. 

Nissan battery.

Checking the battery

The next thing is the battery and making sure to test it. Extremely cold or hot temperatures often kill a weak battery.

On the Nissan Frontier, you can actually still check the water on most of the batteries, and you either use distilled water or a special battery water. 

Using anti-corrosion pads is another maintenance tip we recommend. Batteries are known to leak a little bit of acid. Not only does it corrode the battery terminal, it can also eat up the battery tray and the battery.

Now is a good time to check to make sure everything’s working correctly, including your lights and windshield wipers, and even clean the windows. A lot of people will clean the outside but forget to do the inside. So, when it’s sunny, it could be hard to see.

These are just a few ways to maintain your Nissan so that you are able to continue enjoying it for years to come. 

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