Maintain your car, and buy more shoes!

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There are many things in life that can never be too hot, maybe it’s that new dress you bought or the sauce you prepared for your famous nachos. But, some things CAN be too hot, like your engine or your transmission and that can cause serious (and expensive problems).

Okay, pull out your pencils – it’s math time. The average transmission should be flushed every 30,000 miles. (check your owner’s manual for the exact maintenance schedule for your vehicle. If you cannot find your manual most are online). Let’s say that your car lasts to 120,000 miles. If you have maintained your vehicle you should have performed four transmission flushes at approximately $260 each for a total of $1040. Still with me? The total cost of a new transmission is at least $2900 installed. Now take the difference between the cost of your maintenance and the cost of buying a new transmission and you get $1,860. That’s a heck of a lot of shoes, or nachos, or whatever else you care to spend your hard-earned money on. The bottom line is, waiting in order to save money in the short run isn’t really a savings. We just did the math to prove it!

The same holds true for oil changes. Regular oil changes help keep your engine lubricated and clean and unlike a fine wine, engine oil certainly does not get better with age. Regular oil changes will protect your engine. If these are avoided, dirty oil will stop lubricating the engine and eventually the engine will wear and fail.

If you feel comfortable in your current auto repair shop then the shop has done their job and you have done your homework! (gold star for you). However, if this is not the case, look for a shop you do feel comfortable in. When looking for the right shop take these things into consideration:

What to look for/ask when you are choosing a repair shop?

  1. Look for a neat and organized shop. Check their online reviews including filtered reviews.
  2. Look for signs of professionalism in the customer service area such as civic, community or customer service awards.
  3. Look for evidence of qualified technicians: ASE certifications, trade-school diplomas, and certificates of advanced courses.
  4. Look for a courteous staff, with a service consultant willing to answer all of your questions and who will break things down into safety, repairs and maintenance.

Warranty? Is there a warranty and what does it cover?

Be your car’s super hero. Give it the attention it needs and it will work to get you where you need to be.. speaking of which I’ve got to go catch those Labor Day sales!

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