I’ve been DUCKED!!

In Girl in a Mechanics World by Steves Auto Repair and Tire

So, do you remember I mentioned how everyone at Steve’s are pranksters? Well last week on Wednesday I found a spare duck in one of the cabinets in the waiting room office, so I took it upon myself to grab it and start the duck war once again. Just to make work a little more exciting I grabbed it and was going to stick it in Freddy’s (general service) muffler but I thought about it and didn’t want Freddy blowing up being my fault. I checked crazy bird man Wayne’s (mechanic) car and the door was open I looked for the best possible place to hide the wooden duck and I decided to put it under a towel he has on his seat.

That Thursday morning he told me how good I got him. He felt something poking his back the whole way home so he pulled over on interstate 95 to check and there was quacky. But surely a couple hours later when I was taking a break I decided to use the bathroom it was a little odd that Wayne was in the customer’s bathroom but I figured someone was in the mechanic’s bathroom so once I saw him I went inside. Thankfully before I sat down I looked and there was the duck hanging by two metal wires just high enough that he wasn’t touching the water. I had officially been DUCKED!