Heather the Honda.

Girl in a Mechanic World: Goodbye Heather the Honda

In Girl in a Mechanics World by Steves Auto Repair and Tire

As you already know being a “new girl in a mechanics world” is fun and interesting on a daily basis. Being an intern I only work a couple of days upstairs away from the pranks but I still enjoy every minute. I am usually in the office assisting Margo (Marketing Director for Steve’s and HomeTowne) with anything she needs help with. Since its only three girls here I feel we all have to kind of stand our ground. (Like Margo’s brilliant proposal for a pink wall in her new office.) Although I do not get to work with the guys, everyone is still very welcoming.

About a month into the job, I had to say goodbye to my first car, Heather the Honda. I was on my way to work when I hit traffic and my car started smoking. I finally made it, safe and flustered, then the guys made sure I was OK then went straight to the premiere customer service with my car. Turned out Heather had oil in the coolant system and would need a new engine.

Seeing as she was a 15 years old it was just time to say goodbye because driving her more would have been more hurt than charm. The guys told me the problems and offered me all my solutions. I ended up just selling her for scraps. I miss her dearly but from the mechanics to Steve himself they assured me and my family it would be best to say goodbye. Now I drive my moms BMW so I guess I can’t be too sad. (Best feature: heated steering wheel!) From the great service to the south park Christmas Carols working here has been fun. I enjoy feeling a part of the Steve’s family even though I’m the behind-the-scene girl.


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