Headlight eye lashes on a Toyota.

Virginia safety inspection of headlights

In Inspection by Steves Auto Repair and Tire

It’s important that drivers are able to see, even at nighttime and when there’s inclement weather.

To make sure that motorists are traveling safely, inspectors check a car’s headlights when conducting the Virginia safety inspection.


Problems with headlights

Headlights must have proper aim and mounting to pass the annual requirement. Vehicle safety inspectors shouldn’t be able to move the assembly.

They also look for cracks in the lenses and anything that distorts the light’s aiming pattern.

Headlights can also fail if they are discolored or they don’t have the correct candlepower — meaning that they’re too dim or too bright.

A headlight aligner machine can be used to check the candlepower and aiming.

Headlight aligner machine.

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