In Girl in a Mechanics World by Steves Auto Repair and Tire

So my birthday started off with a 45 minute walk to work in the rain. My car is at the shop because my crank pulley broke but that’s a whole different story. So when I got to work my hair was frizzy I was wet, tired, out of breath and cold! Once I got in the office of course we would be busy customers walking in and out and phone was ringing off the hook. I couldn’t even get my coffee in so it felt like the day was dragging on by. I even had a late lunch due to us being busy. But bird man Wayne this crazy old mechanic that can’t go five seconds without crowing bought me Taco Bell for my big day.

When I walked in I saw Sid, the owners father, and I got so excited because I could see from the distance he had my birthday cone cupcakes in his hands that he was bringing me. It took a while to get everyone to sing me happy birthday but eventually everyone got together. It’s always so embarrassing getting sung to I didn’t know where to look because it was just so awkward a bunch of guys singing to me. So I just stared straight ahead. Once all that was done it was finally time to eat my chocolate cupcake with a pink animal cracker on top that I had been waiting for since august. Let me tell you my cupcakes where BOMB!! After all that and having a sugar rush Scott (owner)walks in with a camouflage hat sits it on my desk and says “happy birthday” he’s such character. By the time everything settled down I was hoping to leave at least on time but just my luck I left 30 minutes after 7 but that’s alright my birthday was great for a 9 hr shift at STEVE’S. By far hands down one of the best birthday at work.