Pinewood Derby kit.

Fun with Pinewood Derby

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Steve's Auto Repair Owner in front of white board.Our mechanics love a challenge and building their own Pinewood Derby race car out of a block of wood and wheels was definitely a challenge. But the challenge did not stop there. Steve’s Auto Repair and Tire challenged their neighbor HomeTowne Auto Repair and Tire to a mostly friendly race.

HomeTowne, being the newer of the two, accepted the challenge. The winner of the special friends and family pinewood derby race would win bragging rights, a trophy (albeit a 2013 one) and a free lunch from the owner, S.T. Billingsley, provided they could beat his race car’s time.

Each store was given two pinewood derby kits containing the block of wood, axels, and small wheels. Even Steve’s marketing director, Margo, got in on the action determined to create a pink car that would at least not come in last.

What ensued was at times a little less then friendly competition, but high on entertainment value and a lot of fun for all involved in supporting the Boy Scouts. We also learned that some of the technicians may be stolen away by Hollywood if we are not careful, judging by the videos hitting YouTube on both their respective pages.

The friends and family race will be held on January 23rd, so while we still don’t know who the winner will be- what we do know is that excitement is running high as is involvement and support for local Boy Scout troop 1189 here in the Montclair Woodbridge area.

We have put together a behind the scenes look.

Steve’s Auto Repair and Tire steals HomeTowne’s car

How it all ends…

We want to thank Cub Scout Pack 1189 from Montclair Virginia for allowing us to sponsor their pinewood derby this year at John F Pattie elementary school in Dumfries, VA and a thank you to Aromas Pizza on Kevin Walker Drive right off Waterway Drive in Montclair.

Take a look at our wrap up video and see who came out on top. You might be surprised.

Thank you again hope to see you next year…

ST Billingsley