Girl in a Mechanics World: Fun and games during lunch

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Monday during lunch it was just way too cold out to go out for lunch so I stayed in. So I went over to Eran’s bay to have lunch with him and Ray (Both techs). I still had time to kill so I started to mess around and I saw a stack of tires and I told them “how funny would it be if I got in and scared someone” they agreed and before I knew it I was lifted up and put into the stack of tires. I struggled a little to move and they had to add another tire so my head wouldn’t show. And because Gabe (general service manager) looked like he was a little stressed we decided we would brighten up his day with a small joke. Eran called him over to help with an alignment.

Between the tires there was a small crack that I was peeking through and once he walked by and was close enough I popped out. His face was HILARIOUS! I asked Eran to take a picture of me in the tires for my blog, of course, but I was photo bombed. Gabe jumped in and knocked me over. While I was down they tried to roll me so I fought back to get out of the 6 tires that surrounded me. I finally was able to break out with a little help from my camera guy after he took dozens of pictures of me struggling. All fun and games but my arm is still hurting and bruised from when I hit the floor. But, scaring the stuffing out of Gabe was worth my bruised arm.