Technician performing digital inspection.

How can you see what’s wrong with your car while it’s at the repair shop?

In Inspection by Steves Auto Repair and Tire

A few months ago, Steve’s Auto Repair & Tire began using digital vehicle health inspections.

Through the digital inspections, our technicians are able to write notes and upload photos about vehicles. Our customers are then able to see them in an inspection report they can access through their email or texts.

The inspection reports include information about the vehicle, diagnosis and tests, and recommendations.

Depending on the problem, we have a section that explains the purpose of certain components. For example, if there’s a power steering issue, we can add in a video that explains what power steering does.

Switching to digital inspections

Before going to the digital inspections, the technicians would fill out a courtesy check sheet and check some items that would fall under the Virginia Safety Inspection.

We decided to change our process, because the digital inspection allows us to take pictures and videos if something is wrong. We’re then able to send it to the customer, so they can see exactly what we’re talking about.

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