Crazy Weather

In Girl in a Mechanics World by Steves Auto Repair and Tire

Okay, so I’m really over writing about these snow storms. I always thought I was a winter person but, this year winter came way too early and lasting a little too long. Winter in my book has over stayed its welcome. Last week I seriously thought it was over the sun was out and it was almost 70 degrees so I decided to do some spring cleaning around the shop Teresa, our service writer, brought in her Yankee candles. I really think the candles bring out the feminine side of Steve’s auto repair, especially with the “Midnight Oasis “smell. I pulled out my magic eraser and started to scrub off the grease stains that the technicians have left behind. I even Windex the doors and all the glass windows.

Teresa brought in her steam vacuum and we detailed our cars. The guys aren’t the only ones that can keep their cars clean. Mine looks like a closet but I’m determined to keep it clothes free! I can even say it looks 20 times better from when I got it from Hendricks Honda. But the sparkle only lasted about a day because this weather can’t make up its mind.