BMW 650i repair.

Cooling systems on a BMW engine

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Checking a BMW 650i Twin Turbo for a coolant leak or an engine overheating problem is a little more complicated than other vehicles.

They have a very tight engine compartment with lots of components close together, making access limited.

BMW 650i Twin Turbo cooling systems

There are two cooling systems on the BMW 650i Twin Turbo, so if you’re checking one, you want to make sure you’re checking the correct one or both of them.

On this particular vehicle, the small coolant hoses to the turbos is a common place where they leak engine coolant.

The parts from the dealer come with metal tubes that run down to the turbos, and that can be an 8 hour job.

Sometimes, you can get away with just replacing the rubber hoses that are visible on the top of the engine.

The BMW 650i Twin Turbo even has coolant hoses going to the injector drivers — which is an electronic component — and there are two under the hood.

So, if your BMW does have a coolant leak or the engine is overheating, you do need to get a proper pressure test, and this could take a little bit of time to find the leak.

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