Performing a coolant fluid exchange.

Coolant fluid exchanges can prevent engine from overheating

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Your car’s engine produces a lot of heat. The cooling system keeps the temperature at a safe level.

Coolant that the engine heats goes to the radiator. Some of the heat disappears, and the coolant returns to the engine.

If the system isn’t working correctly, the water pump could fail. The heads may get warped and the head gaskets could become blown.

Because of the important role the cooling system plays, it’s important to take care of it. This can be done through regular coolant fluid exchanges.

Why should you get a coolant fluid exchange?

Prolonging the life of coolant and enhancing your vehicle’s performance are some perks of having regular coolant fluid exchanges conducted.

Due to normal everyday use, coolant breaks down and anti-corrosion supplements wear out.

If a coolant fluid exchange is put off, various parts can begin to corrode. These components include the water pump and radiator.

Additionally, rust, scale and sludge can accumulate and block the fins of the cooling system, preventing an engine from releasing heat properly.

Avoiding this service could result in the engine overheating and may lead to expensive repairs down the road.

When should this service be performed?

Coolant fluid exchanges are recommended every 30,000 miles. How frequently your car should receive this service also depends on what the manufacturer suggests.

It’s also a good idea to change the fluid when you have problems relating to your vehicle’s thermostat or certain parts are being replaced, like the radiator or water pump.

A car is also ready for a coolant fluid exchange if the coolant is dark. This indicates that the fluid is degrading. Using a test strip, we can check its PH level. This is helpful because the coolant turns acidic when the additives that prevent corrosion are used up.

What happens during a coolant fluid exchange? 

When performing a coolant fluid exchange, our technicians put in BG Universal Cooling System Cleaner, which suspends the contaminants. 

The impurities and old fluid are removed and replaced with new coolant. 

After that, Super Cool is added. This product stops leaks from occurring and prevents overheating.

Types of Coolant

There are different types of coolant produced today. Some fluids are designed for European vehicles, while others should be used on Asian makes and models. Cars made in the United States may use a different type.

BG has a universal coolant that can be used on gasoline and diesel engines. This fluid helps prevent corrosion in the cooling system.

Steve’s Auto Repair has coolant for all kinds of makes and models.

It’s important that you feel safe as you’re traveling to your next destination. The last thing you want is to end up on the side of the road because your engine overheated. By keeping up with your vehicle’s services, you can feel a little more at ease when you hit the road.

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