Air conditioning repair.

Common car air conditioning problems

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The hot days of summer are about to roll in.

With them will come 90 degree and 100 degree weather – you know, when there’s 100 percent humidity and anything cold becomes warm within minutes.

During the extreme summer heat, many of us look forward to the cool temperatures our car air conditioning provides.

Sometimes, the A/C may stop working. (By the way, you may want to confirm that it is working before summer really kicks in.)

These are the most common reasons:

  • It’s low on freon
  • The air conditioning condenser is constricted
  • Problems with the Electronic Climate Control System
  • Expansion valve isn’t working
  • User error

You can read more information about each problem below.

You car air conditioning low on refrigerant

The air conditioning system requires freon to function properly. Refrigerant goes from the compressor to the condenser, then on to the drier and evaporator.

Being low on freon is one reason car air conditioning may not be working. This can is typically the result of a leak. Air conditioning leaks can occur in various spots, such as fittings.

The air conditioning condenser is constricted

The fins on an air conditioning condenser can be bent if there is an impact or the condenser isn’t cleaned correctly. This can restrict the amount of air that flows through.

If the condenser is damaged, it probably needs to be replaced. 

Problems with the Electronic Climate Control System

Newer vehicles are coming with different types of controls and systems. One of them is the Electronic Control System, which regulates the temperature for the front seats. 

If your A/C isn’t working, it may be a problem with the Electronic Control System.

Expansion valve isn’t working

The expansion valve is responsible for controlling how much refrigerant is in the air conditioning system. Overtime, this component can go bad.

User error

Let’s be honest, we can become so distracted by our day-to-day activities that sometimes we aren’t paying attention to what we’re doing.

For example, one day I turned on the A/C and it was blowing warm air – a problem that continued after my car had a chance to run for a while. When I looked down, I realized that I had turned the knob to heat.

Before running to the repair shop, make sure that you didn’t forget to flip a switch or push a button. Also, look through your owner’s manual to see if it offers an explanation or suggestion.

Summer is just weeks away. As you start planning vacations and other adventures, it’s a good time to confirm that your car air conditioning is working just right. It also wouldn’t hurt to have a professional look over your vehicle and make sure there aren’t any other problems.

Our technicians are able to work on vehicles that use R-134 and R-1234yf. We invested in a new air conditioning machine for R-1234yf last year.

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