Check engine light diagnostics.

Check engine light on an Audi

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An Audi came in because its check engine light had turned on.

A check engine light comes on for many reasons. In this particular case, it was not flashing. 

If you have a flashing check engine light, that means you may have a problem that is going to cause catalytic converter damage or could cause some other engine problems because there was a misfire.

It was also low on oil, which was causing some different problems. There were some codes, because these engines that have variable valve timing are – a lot of times – controlled by oil control valves, which adjust the valve timing. 

We were able to clear the codes, reset the maintenance monitor systems, and get this vehicle back on track.

Oil change on an Audi.

Regular oil changes can help prevent engine damage. We recommend changing it every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

Other check engine light causes

Other reasons that the check engine light turns on can be anything from a sensor not recording or sending the signal correctly to a loose gas cap. The light may also indicate evaporative control problems or even issues with your transmission. 

So, when the light comes on you don’t really want to wait a long time to get it checked, even if it’s just a matter of coming to your local auto repair shop and having them check the codes. 

If we see a code that has to do with a gas cap, we’re able to just take a look at it real quick, make sure the gas cap seal isn’t broken, tighten it up, clear the code and let you drive it. If it comes on again from an EVAP code, then we can get into diagnostics. But this is one of the things you just don’t really want to wait too long to get addressed.

Even regular maintenance on Audis has to be done correctly. Using the wrong weight of oil, or not getting the cap back on, or knocking off a vacuum line can actually trigger a check engine light. 

Sometimes, with these vehicles, a little hose can come loose and you won’t even notice it. Even the dipstick not being pushed in all the way can cause an issue that an Audi can actually pick up.

If you do get an oil change and your check engine light comes on a day or two or three afterwards just talk to your auto repair shop and they may be able just to check something real quick. 

This is a very small list of reasons why your check engine light can come on: 

  • Gas cap 
  • Oxygen sensor 
  • Catalytic converter problem
  • Misfire
  • Coils 
  • Plugs 
  • The evaporative system 
  • Sensors 
  • Wrong oil and low oil 
  • Transmission problems 
  • ABS or traction control problem

So if your check engine light does come on, call your local auto repair shop. Let them at least check the codes and see if there’s anything that’s serious. If you keep your vehicle maintained, you can have many years with your Audi.

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