New air conditioning condenser.

Changing the air conditioning condenser on Mazda

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Is your car still feeling warm, even though the A/C is running?

If so, there may be a problem with the air conditioning.

The system wasn’t working properly on a 1996 Mazda pickup truck. It ended up receiving a new air conditioning condenser.

The condenser, which is one component of a car’s air conditioning system, is responsible for turning refrigerant from a gas to a liquid.

They can leak or become clogged.

Condenser maintenance and other possible problems

Overtime, bugs, leaves and debris can collect in the condenser. So, it’s a good idea to clean it regularly.

You can do this by using a shop vacuum to get rid of debris and spraying it with air conditioning cleaner. Make sure to rinse off the cleaner afterward.

It’s important to be careful when cleaning this component. If it isn’t done correctly – or if there’s an impact – the fins can become bent, blocking the airflow. 

A constricted condenser is among the common air conditioning problems. The vehicle could also be low on refrigerant or experiencing Electronic Climate Control System issues. Other possible culprits include a bad expansion valve and user error – hey, we all make mistakes.

Why you should replace the air conditioning condenser

When changing the condenser on the Mazda pickup truck, the technician saw that refrigerant and oil had started leaking. If the leak becomes serious enough, a pool of oil can form underneath the vehicle.

Choosing not to replace a bad air conditioning condenser can cause the A/C system to stop working. This is because the correct amount of refrigerant isn’t reaching the compressor, which has a pressure sensor.

Other air conditioning services

Replacing the condenser is one type of air conditioning repair we offer. Our technicians can also look for air conditioning leaks and replace other components, including the drier and thermostat.

They perform basic EVAC and recharge, as well. This service is done on vehicles that have lost refrigerant. The process consists of removing refrigerant, applying a vacuum to the system, and adding dye and oil. To work, we need to recharge the system, which is serviced by the oil.

We are also able to change cabin air filters and spray BG Frigi Fresh, a disinfectant, into the vent system.

We are able to work on older and newer vehicles.

Last year, Steve’s Auto Repair & Tire invested in a new air conditioning machine for refrigerant 1234yf, which is being used in a lot of cars that are being manufactured.

During the hot months, having a malfunctioning air conditioning system can make long car rides almost unbearable. 

If you notice that it isn’t working the way it should, reach out to an automotive professional. That way, the problem can be addressed early on and you can stay cool this summer.

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