Oil leak.

Causes and signs of oil leaks

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Oil leaks can occur unexpectedly. 

When they do, you shouldn’t wait long before addressing them.

Oil leak symptoms

A puddle of oil near a car and being low on oil are some signs of an oil leak.

Drivers may also notice engine noise – such as a chattering. 

Possible running conditions could be prompted by a leak, as well.

For example, vehicles that have a variable valve timing are operated by oil pressure. When it’s low on oil, it won’t work correctly and might appear to be struggling or misfiring.

Causes of oil leaks

Different culprits can result in oil leaks. They include:

  • Missing oil filler cap
  • Loose oil drain plug
  • Bad oil filter
  • Damaged oil pan
  • Worn out valve cover gasket

Another possible cause is if the PCV system all vehicles have becomes clogged, putting too much pressure on the seals.

If you think you have an oil leak, you should bring it to a mechanic or auto repair shop as soon as you can. Driving your vehicle on too little oil can damage the engine because the oil can’t lubricate necessary components.

This is also why it’s important to have regular oil changes performed. We recommend oil changes every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. This article we wrote talks about why they’re needed.

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