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The down side about working at an auto repair place is walking outside when it’s super humid and hot or when it’s freezing and raining.

When it’s hot and humid within minutes I start to sweat and I get all red by the time I come back inside the office. Especially when I eat lunch, it just puts me to sleep.

When it’s raining, sometimes I have to run into the bathroom and double check that my mascara isn’t running down my face. I can’t look like a raccoon talking to customers. And sometimes, If I step into a puddle my shoes get soaked and then my feet get cold. I have to walk around with wet shoes for the rest of the day and when it’s cold it’s the worst of the worst. Hats, gloves, scarves, jackets aren’t enough. My bones clench together and I start to shiver with just the thought of walking outside. When the seats are leather and I sit down to get the mileage I can feel the cold run up my spine. But it should get easier well I hope. After all I made it through summer and winter is just starting. Wish me luck!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Layla’s Special Day

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So, being a first time mom to an almost one year old I try to spend as much time with her that I can. Like this is the year she starts to turn over, smile, laugh, crawl, walk, etc. So working from 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. was always ideal for me. It always gave me some extra mommy and Layla time right before work and I got to spend time with her before she went to sleep. But working these hours is making it impossible to plan Layla’s first birthday party which is right around the corner. So, I can’t really do much when I get off because my first thought is to get home to her.

Thankfully working the front gives me accesses to a computer and I can order everything off of Amazon. But being on the computer can be such a bad thing too because I get so indecisive of what I want. I literally went crazy choosing a theme but finally decided on Baby Pink Panther something different but, still very cute. I even was able to get a discount at the new Sport and Health gym at Stone bridge. I rented out this room call the “Kid Zone” they have this huge maze with a moon bounce play station and the pool is optional. I didn’t get it in my package because it should be cold out by than. But overall amazon will be my best friend until the day of the party or when I get off early somehow.

Idea for Layla’s cake

Girl in a Mechanics World: Fun and games during lunch

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Monday during lunch it was just way too cold out to go out for lunch so I stayed in. So I went over to Eran’s bay to have lunch with him and Ray (Both techs). I still had time to kill so I started to mess around and I saw a stack of tires and I told them “how funny would it be if I got in and scared someone” they agreed and before I knew it I was lifted up and put into the stack of tires. I struggled a little to move and they had to add another tire so my head wouldn’t show. And because Gabe (general service manager) looked like he was a little stressed we decided we would brighten up his day with a small joke. Eran called him over to help with an alignment.

Between the tires there was a small crack that I was peeking through and once he walked by and was close enough I popped out. His face was HILARIOUS! I asked Eran to take a picture of me in the tires for my blog, of course, but I was photo bombed. Gabe jumped in and knocked me over. While I was down they tried to roll me so I fought back to get out of the 6 tires that surrounded me. I finally was able to break out with a little help from my camera guy after he took dozens of pictures of me struggling. All fun and games but my arm is still hurting and bruised from when I hit the floor. But, scaring the stuffing out of Gabe was worth my bruised arm.



Staff Social

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Shop field trip to Olive Garden was super fun. Well anytime we all get to hang out outside of the shop is always fun. The reason why we got to go out for lunch was because we did so well in the months before. But going out to eat with these guys is even worse than going out to eat with my daughter Layla (11 months). The guys do their normal crow sounds and even the bosses got into it. Every time the waiter came around they would crow. And of course I was taking picture of everything. And it’s so funny how they all know it’s for my blog.

Thankfully I got to sit next to at least one normal person Margo (she does our marketing). She might be normal but I no longer trust her. She told me these stuff mushrooms were good and when I tasted them umm let’s say I had to hold back from gagging. Once our food got to the table it was complete silence. But that didn’t last long. We had our desert and had some more small talk. On our way back Eran and Ray (mechanics) where in the car in front but on the side of us. I opened my window to ask for a bread stick so they throw it and I caught it. Than Gabe tried to get in the action so I throw the bread stick to him but missed. Let me remind you we where In traffic the car around us probably thought we had issues. But sadly it was back to business when we got back to Steve’s.

staff social

Girl in a Mechanic World: When you work with guys

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So, working with a bunch of guys pretty much mean you throw away girlie out the window. Working here pretty much I had to become a guy. I gained to many bad habits that I’m starting to take it out of work. Now my friends and family think I’m crazy sometimes I catch my self crowing and doing all this weird stuff. I’m mean it’s like a disease it just catches on since I’m around them pretty much all day and all week. If I’m not careful I’m going to blow up because I even eat like a man. I no longer count calories let’s say. But it’s not all bad working with guys is the most relaxing job I’ve had. They can be catty but at least not towards me. I can talk to them about everything and they always give me the guys point of view. It’s great! I even get down and dirty and try to help out with as much as I can. But it’s barely anything since I need to remember I’m a girl. Getting my hands dirty isn’t as bad as I thought it was maybe soon I’ll he working on cars. But if I’m not careful I’ll start to probably grow facial hair soon.