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Mini Vacation

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Most people dread coming back to work after having a couple days off. But me on the other hand couldn’t get dressed any faster on Monday to come in after being home for 3 days. Only to have Gabe, the service manager, call me to say to “stay home due to the snow storm” I was so bummed out. There’s only so much Dora the Explorer I can watch. Don’t get me wrong, I love to be home with Layla, my one year old daughter, but I needed some adult interaction. And because I was sick from Wednesday until Saturday I was paralyzed and couldn’t move. I don’t think I’ve ever been so sick in my life.days off

So, on Monday I couldn’t do anything because there was a blizzard going on outside my door. But I did manage to escape my house for a little when the snow stopped and took Layla out. It was way too funny. The snow was almost as tall as her. But we weren’t out there for too long I was shivering after 10 minutes. But Layla felt nothing. I guess you feel the cold more when you get old. Tuesday I was so glad to be back. My guys are so funny they had so many jokes about me being sick. I have never been so excited to sit at my desk and write thank you on customer bags. I guess I just really enjoy the people I work with that are why I was dying to come back to work.

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Six things you can do to prepare your vehicle for spring

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It’s hard to believe, but Spring will be here soon and that means time to check out your car. Our service writer, Teresa, gives you a quick rundown about how you can prepare your vehicle for spring.

6 Things to prepare your vehicle for spring:

  1. Make sure your wiper fluid reservoir is full.
  2. Inspect your wiper blades for tears or cracks and replace as needed (April showers bring May flowers!)
  3. Make sure your Air Conditioner is functioning properly. If it’s not blowing cold, you may need to test the system.
  4. Change your air filter and Cabin air filter so you and your engine can breathe comfortably!
  5. Check the tread depth of your tires. As spring arrives, it’s usually wet, and low tread could make your car slide in wet conditions!
  6. Have your brakes inspected. With upcoming summer travel, you will most likely be in stop and go traffic more often than in the winter months.

Snow Day at Steve’s Auto and Tire

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Yeah Yeah Yeah! Finally we got some snow in the area! Woke up excited like a little kid! Here’s how our snow day went. The guys I work with are great. They offered to come and pick me up to ensure I made it to work, fortunately my husband had to go in an hour later than normal and was able to bring me, but to know that the guys at the shop were willing to pick me up gives me comfort in knowing how essential my presence is at my job.

I arrive a few minutes early to see Scott, one of the owners, out there clearing the walkways with the snowblower so our customers can get in to get repairs done safely. We wait…We wait…and we wait some more, it’s very quiet here in the early morning and very white outside! S.T. the CEO shows up with his FJ cruiser with plow attached (he is very proud of finding the right plow to attach!) and starts plowing the parking lots so we can give our customers a clear path to park their cars. We had most of our employees come in, awaiting the abundance of drivers who had accidentally slid into a curb, or had a flat tire, or more importantly discovered that they actually could no longer put off buying new tires! First call of the day came in around 10:00 am..a cancellation for a state inspection…that’s ok, we want our customers safe, the inspection can wait till the roads are cleared and VDOT has a chance to do their job. We already had 2 night drop offs from the evening before and would know have the opportunity to get those vehicles fixed.

The guys were in pretty good behavior considering we were slow. No snow ball fights, or ice skating on the frozen pond in the parking lot! Scott brought us a lunch from Smokey Bones, the nearby barbeque, and boy was it good! I was stuffed and about ready for a “food coma nap”. We rescheduled a few appointments for the next day, and actually closed the shop early in anticipation of the final round of snow that would come later that evening. (and we already had 12 inches!) It was a slow but somewhat productive day!

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Girl in Mechanic World: Winter Olympics commercial

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ST and his crazy ideas, I honestly don’t know where he comes up with them.

For the past couple of weeks he has made all of us into movies stars. If he keeps this up he won’t have any employees because we will all be on our way to Hollywood for big movies.

Last week, we created a special commercial just in time for the Winter Olympics (Sochi eat your heart out). The commercial should start to run on local channels during the 2014 Olympics in the next couple of days.

It’s one of the corniest commercials you will see. It’s kind of like the funny ones that you see during super bowl. I was all about helping behind the scenes by throwing peanuts at our mechanic, Ray, while he pretended to ski.

Somehow I ended up in two clips of the commercial. I can already see my friends calling me to tell me that they saw me. I was nowhere near prepared for it. I look so awkward waving. But I can’t help but laugh about it. It’s one of those things you just can’t take to seriously. Anyone want my autograph?

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Girls Rule and Boys Drool

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Not only did the Pink Pinewood Derby car win the race by our very own Margo (marketing director) we also added a new female to the team at Steve’s Auto Repair. Monday I came in and asked who the winner of the derby race was and I was very to pleased that Margo won. If I were one of the guys I would be dying of embarrassment that I lost to a girl and not only that to a “PINK CAR”. Guys are such sore loser because they said they didn’t believe that Margo made it on her own that she probably bought it off eBay. Horrible!


As for our new teammate at Steve’s she’s pretty awesome not just because she bring me homemade candy but because she actually knows what she’s talking about. I have never met a female that knew so much about cars. Her being here gives me a little bit more hope that I will eventually catch on. And it’s so much better that I have someone to talk to since they took Margo, the only other female, away from me and gave her an office at the neighboring store, HomeTowne Auto Repair & Tire.

Now I have girl time all the time because our new female service writer is at the computer next to me. Soon Steve’s auto repair is going to be all Girls. SIKE!!